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Growing Pains. So What Now?

Hey there! Its been a few since I've been up in this space. Allot of growth and changes happening here. Style-wise, mentally and definitely physically (nope, I never did grow into that woman body I thought I would, but I sure sprouted a whole lotta white hairs tho!) Nonetheless its been an interesting transition. So where to start?? 

The 4-year hiatus:

 Ive definitely taken some time off from writing this blog, diary, whatever you wanna call it. But I haven't been entirely MIA. Ive been working... allot! Since 2014 I was working at a children's wear company (which I completely loved) as associate designer (I started this blog there on my lunch break one day) I was helping design girls dresses and girls sportswear. I learned allot there, met allot of cool people, went to New York  a few times for trades shows, spent time with "cool moms" and beautiful model children, ate good food and drank lots and lots of red wine! It was a small company in which I was able to mak…

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