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Do You Even Blog Tho?

Listening to a panel discussion the other day regarding the success of some pretty badass fashionable women, some style bloggers, boutique owners, and other known "influencers"and something one of them said really made me tuck my tail behind my little booty. And that was "there are bloggers that have a blog and don't write or post daily..." something along those lines. Whatever it was, that was enough for me to raise my hand with shame and say, "Oooh thats me!" But I might have a good excuse for that...
Actually there is no Excuse for that, thats just me being inconsistent, uninspired, and way too picky with the subject matter. Im not even going to use the excuse of feeling constantly tired, overworked, overwhelmed, and a personal favorite; lack of time. Its all the petty insignificant things Im sure we all have to deal with as grown up kids.  When I first started the blog it was something that I wanted to use as another outlet of expression. My very…

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