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Building a Brand -Starting & The Struggle

Lets keep it real now...I have no idea what Im doing. I mean, I know how to do it for other people, on other peoples dime and time,  but when you have to make decisions that feel closer to your heart (not to mention your own wallet) there's definitely allot more doubt and fear that overshadow your decision-making-confidence.  Im not saying this is the case for  everyone, but it is for me. We all deal with our own pesky demons, and my demons... are currently being exorcised. 
 My struggles have always been a very private and internal matter for me. Those who know me, outside of my family, will most likely say I'm soft spoken, lack the confidence, and  a bit shy at times.  I use allot of humor to mask my insecurities (which make things way easier to deal with for me). Nonetheless, I think those lovely qualities of mine are definitely the culprits to my stunted growth, especially in corporate settings where being loud, extroverted, flamboyant and vocal gives you the golden ticke…

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