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The Hustle & The Shrimp

Growing up my brother and I were constantly told upon waking, " El camarron ke se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente" translated in English means, "The Shrimp who sleeps, is taken by the current" Fast forward 25+ years later and I continue to have this message playback in the back of my mind on the daily...upon waking, as I shower, sitting on the toilet, while I watch TV...its engraved in my subconscious and it just doesn't let me chill. Thinking about this now, I'd say that this is what people consider to be a "mantra" in today's day and age. (mantras are "so hot right now") This wasn't necessarily a mantra I came up with  for myself, but something my father made sure to instill in my brother and I  growing up. To keep things short and sweet, both of us adopted this "mantra" in a very different way. I might have taken this way too literal, and my brother, well lets just say he could write a book on his adaptation of thi…

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