From the bottom up

Greetings to whomever I've managed to connect with through this tiny little thing called the Internet. I figure this being my very first post Id start from the bottom up (hence the awesome footwear!) Though I wont really be favoring a specific topic or order in my posts, Ill try to make sure to keep this as sporadic and spontaneous as possible. Like all the bazillion other blogs out there, I'll be sharing my interests and passions...*yawn* ugh can I sound any more cliche?!? Lets cut this short...BASICALLY, Ill be posting up the random funky Sh!t I see, like,make, and must have! My style aesthetic: sporty, chic, and FUNky! Style and function must meet on my please take a scroll down my memory banks! (Ha! that's funny right?!?) eh...well, enjoy!

So the "sneaker freak" in me cant seem to get enough of bright white sneakers!! These are essential to have on hand...or on foot! The "sporty chic" trend that was goin on for a while has always been "in fashion" for me! Though I do appreciate that much needed height and butt lift  from my platform pumps and wedges I am forever loyal to my bright white kicks!