Innovative and fun furniture

So while I am still working on moving out of the house I am sharing with my roommates (a.k.a parents.) I am creating a wish list of all the wonderful and innovative things I wish would occupy my "invisible not-yet purchased home". The little "interior designer" within me finds a certain euphoria in finding that special piece that just connects with every bone and nerve in my body. Trust me its a  challenge in decorating a space when  you live with people who think that the light switch cover with the little 3D Nemo fish looks attractive in a living room that doesn't house any children or even have an "ocean" theme for that matter! (sorry mom). Perhaps my taste in comparison is no improvement to the mismatch catastrophe I currently reside in,  but it certainly is a bit more interesting don't you think? I've grown up with the plastic covered couches, and the really bad over-sized leather sofa you stick to during the summer, the giant "flat" screen TV from the late 90's (that weren't so flat) and believe me... I DON'T WANNA GO BACK! 

Whew! Now that I got that off my chest...Your living space should exude everything you are and everything that inspires you, and with stuff this wacky and fun, I think it be hard not to be zapped with creativity! True; some of this stuff is a little too much... but just  imagine coming home full of this stuff!? Every moment would have to be a photo shoot! And entertaining your friends would be a breeze, especially since every object in that room would be a conversation starter!