•L.A.M.B• Fall 2013 Ready to wear

Ahhh yes, please give me the funk! Browsing through  L.A.M.B's Fall 2013 collection on style.com, I couldn't help but to pick out my favorites! I also couldn't help but to blast in my little ear buds the sounds of No Doubt, "Im just a girl" in commemoration of Gwen Stefani's killer style! Though I am a fan of  the plaids, and checkered prints I couldn't fight the urge but to gravitate towards their military inspired looks (even though it seems this look is overdone each and every  fall season) Nonetheless I prefer L.A.M.B's take on military way better!! The  pops of  cobalt blue that was used throughout the collection (which was also a color that was everywhere on the runway last year) is a  shade that looks good on a just about anyone! By the way its a little quiet in here aint it?!? lets all rock out to the video below and check out Gwen's military bomber..."No doubt" shes always been a style icon!