LBC keeps it nice and "Proper"

Thanks to my Bf's recent urge to update his footwear, we decided to venture out to the city of Long beach to visit our favorite little sneaker store "Proper". They have a great selection of  exclusive and hard to find styles that die-hard sneaker-heads would appreciate! Sadly enough however they don't carry enough Adidas for the fellas or a matter of fact they don't really have a good selection for the ladies period! But please, don't let my bitterness stop you from visiting! I don't think  the store is to blame for the lack of ladies styles, if anything we should rage against the brands themselves for always offering us the same old conventional pink, white, or black sneakers... don't they know us ladies crave variety in our lives!?!?
425 E 1st St
Long BeachCA 90802
(562) 628-9100