This Nasty Gal is a Smart Gal!

For those of you looking for the secret answers to becoming a successful  individual click here . Okay wait...false advertisement!!! So It might not be the only thing you need in order to becoming that successful individual or entrepreneur you dream of, but it certainly is a step in the right direction (hint: its a great article), especially in giving your spirit some surge! (we need that every once in a while, or else I feel we become conformist.) In going through the slide show (which consisted of celebrities, producers and entrepreneurs)  The only interview that completely captivated my attention was that of Sophia Amoruso, which then prompted me to Google the heck out of her name! I had heard her story and mostly rumors about  her company and her beginnings, but it wasn't until I really researched her that just left me inspired. (yes that seems to be a reoccurring theme with me..the being inspired part.) 
In my personal experience, I always seem to start something and never finish (usually with my personal goals, never work related of course!) my "patience" has allot to do with that too, I work fast, so I expect fast results (something I also need to work on...) I also tend to overbook myself with so many activities that I tend to loose sight of things and I really need to focus in on this as well...but enough about my insecurities, fears and self doubt!!  If I learned anything at all from this it would be that,
"all great things have small beginnings" -said by someone I'll need to Google later...
As a human-being going through the daily struggle of life, and self discovery, I  still believe that we can all achieve success (whatever that may be) and we will  all have our moment  to achieve our dreams when the time is right! So for those of you who find this whole success thing to be an "easy" fete, kudos to you and please keep becoming those individuals we aspire to be! But for all you  late-bloomers out there, who are still trying to figure this thing out (myself included)... don't lose sight of your dreams! Lets do this!
 (I feel as if I should give you a high-five and bust out in song now...waiting for my cue...wait..I missed never-mind) Nonetheless... I'm Hyped! (muscle flex)