Lets have fun with fashion!

 Looking through Style.com and all those awesome pics Tommy Ton manages to capture from all those shows always leaves me feeling inspired! All the fun colors, bloggers, shoes, bags, hats, and attitude! *gasping for air* Cant it be fashion week everyday, and everywhere!!?!  Wouldn't it be so pretty to see our sidewalks to turn into catwalks where one doesn't need a special occasion to dress their best?? Yes, yes you've caught a glimpse of  the day-dreamer within me, which brings me to the whole purpose of this post. Anna Dello Russo. The woman with the many looks, the woman who NEVER wears the same thing twice! (not that there's a problem with that, I myself am a repeat offender.)  If you don't know who she is or haven't yet Google'd  her name, she is the "editor-at-large"and creative consultant  for Vogue Japan and she just so happens to be photographed wearing some of the coolest looks during fashion week and probably every other regular day! No matter how off the wall and ridiculous some of her looks may be, at the end of the day its ridiculously FUN! And whoever said fashion had to be so serious?!   Well, enough of my jibber jabber...pictures are worth a thousand words, prepare to be inspired! 
Some of my favorite Anna Dello Russo looks<3