Throwback Fashion Film- Markus Lupfer

"Since the beginning of time" designers have been showcasing their lines through numerous outlets (don't I sound so intellectual) first, through those glossy pages in the magazines, runway shows, and now in this time and  age their fashion is reaching us in a finger snap(thanks to the internet)  fashion films have now become a must in order for designers and brands to showcase their new lines! And though this is not breaking news, I figure I'd reminisce about how advanced our society has become... *pondering with fingers to chin*  Though this film is not so new, I do appreciate the creativity of this film, especially since allot of the fashion films we see now-a-days have the backround music and a model moving ever so gracefully while "shmizing" (smiling through her eyes) at the camera. Its really is nice to finally hear a model speak and move around in real time, I also appreciate the fact that Mr Markus Lupfer used regular gals to showcase his clothes...This is such a cute video and I completely love it!