Janelle Mona'e and Erykah Badu

So lets gather round' people and give praise where needed; to some talented and fiercely stylish females! After all,  if we don't show support and respect for each other then who else will?  Lets start off by giving credit to Ms Erykah Badu; who has been around for quite sometime,  blessing our sound-waves with some of the most killer and hypnotic sounds around (Bag Lady, Next lifetime, and one of my faves Love of my life)  Her eclectic style is  ever changing and without question a style icon in her own right. Which brings me to my next  mention, Ms Janelle Mona'e who in my eyes is the best female representative of the moment (sorry Miley, you don't count). Janelle Mona'e keeps it classic and always elegant with a touch of funk and a face and voice that melts butter (yes, its that smooth ladies and gents), her style is timeless and always on point! So please take the time and admire some of my favorite looks from both ladies, as well as the official music video for QUEEN (which is so beautifully styled and shot) Final point being,  Erykah Badu+Janelle Mona'e= BEST Collaboration EVERRR!!! So go on, Just hit the play button to get  your daily injection of funk.