Growing Pains. So What Now?

My designs and my new photography skills

my new photography skills

my new photography skills
Hey there! Its been a few since I've been up in this space. Allot of growth and changes happening here. Style-wise, mentally and definitely physically (nope, I never did grow into that woman body I thought I would, but I sure sprouted a whole lotta white hairs tho!) Nonetheless its been an interesting transition. So where to start?? 

The 4-year hiatus:

 Ive definitely taken some time off from writing this blog, diary, whatever you wanna call it. But I haven't been entirely MIA. Ive been working... allot! Since 2014 I was working at a children's wear company (which I completely loved) as associate designer (I started this blog there on my lunch break one day) I was helping design girls dresses and girls sportswear. I learned allot there, met allot of cool people, went to New York  a few times for trades shows, spent time with "cool moms" and beautiful model children, ate good food and drank lots and lots of red wine! It was a small company in which I was able to make use of all my skills and even build on others I didn't have.  I was completely consumed and  fascinated by it all.  My bosses  Steve and Lisa were fuckin awesome! An inspiring jetsetting couple who were nurturing to my sensitive ass. (much needed breath of fresh air)  They kept me on my toes, challenged me, intimidated me, and trusted me. Something that I had not yet encountered or appreciated in my pubescent fashion career. But alas all good things must come to an end and with the competitive and challenging obstacles a small business faces our future wasn't guaranteed.  Like a piece of dangling thread, we were gently  snipped away. "Another one bites the dust"  "The show must go on"  Queen sings,  back to square one - A bit dramatic? Maybe, but these situations usually are right? I was definitely not eager to start applying, or looking forward to going on interviews, especially after being a part of such a creatively nurturing environment.  What else can I say, a look into a designer/artists life... in search of the "promised land".