Building a Brand -Starting & The Struggle


Lets keep it real now...I have no idea what Im doing. I mean, I know how to do it for other people, on other peoples dime and time,  but when you have to make decisions that feel closer to your heart (not to mention your own wallet) there's definitely allot more doubt and fear that overshadow your decision-making-confidence.  Im not saying this is the case for  everyone, but it is for me. We all deal with our own pesky demons, and my demons... are currently being exorcised. 

 My struggles have always been a very private and internal matter for me. Those who know me, outside of my family, will most likely say I'm soft spoken, lack the confidence, and  a bit shy at times.  I use allot of humor to mask my insecurities (which make things way easier to deal with for me). Nonetheless, I think those lovely qualities of mine are definitely the culprits to my stunted growth, especially in corporate settings where being loud, extroverted, flamboyant and vocal gives you the golden ticket (aka cashoola) into Wonka's layer (aka that promotion). Its taken me a while to address these things, but thankfully, now is the time that I've just about had it! Im not a talker, im a do'er... I'd rather show I can do it, cause nobody got time for bullshit nowadays. So why I am I sharing this sh-tuff with you? Well as I mentioned a few posts ago,  Im using this blog to express these kinds of things, feelings and emotions. My own personal "designer's diary" if thats what you want to call it.  These things are definitely something I need to resolve if I intend to progress and build outside of myself, and most importantly I believe this is something we all need to figure out as artists and creatives, if we intend to start a business or branch out, especially since many of us are complex, and introverted souls . After all, these days you are your own brand and your business is a direct extension of yourself, so Im sure you don't want to give birth to an even "hotter hairier-mess" of yourself,  especially with allot more at stake. 

With that being said, I guess you could say this is:

 Step 1 to Building a Brand: (before your grand master plan) Figure your shit out! All of it boys and girls! Dig real deep, to the point where you make yourself mad at yourself for not having the lady-balls to do it sooner! Obviously therapy and life-coaching can get you there quicker, but for the sake of being frugal, then your ass gotta be patient wit-yo-self okurr! As a person you need to be stable or your business will reflect that chaos. Remember this isn't a race, you can't rush these things, trust me, I tried, and I ended up loosing myself midpoint through. BUT, don't get me wrong, thats no excuse to take your sweet dear time either...if you know what you want and know who you are than you shouldn't have an excuse. Do the damn thang and put it all out there, because 30 years creeps up on you faster than R-kelly at grad don't expect him, and you definitely don't see it coming!  So don't let other peoples success influence your journey.  Its all a smoky hall of mirrors, with everyones highlights being projected. What I'm showing you here is the "broom closet" (not in a witchy kind of way)-cause theres a whole lotta cleaning and organizing going on over here! fashion isn't always pretty and its sooo taboo to be vulnerable and be seen struggling, but hey, we all shit into a toilet at the end of the day, and ALL our shit stank! (I'm getting off topic here..) but what I'm really trying to say is... that once you figure your shit out then your story and your vision are allot more easier to express and communicate. And if theres a big takeaway to this rant I got going here, then  I'd say  figure it out and make the moves at the same time...don't spend your 20's thinking about it (me) and freak out as you turn 30 because you finally realized you've been hitting snooze for too long. (also me) 

So  there you have it... Im not the kind of person that likes to admit those kinds of things,especially so openly, but if this helps you and me put things into perspective, then so be it! 

Now lets talk about these fabulous pictures- with step 1 being completed for me (for now) I  took action and organized a little photoshoot. I was able to bring forward the vision and direction that has been simmering within me, and I was able to work with my cousin Enja who is an amazing artist and photographer, and my cousins new wifey, Vanessa, who is a beautiful mama and makeup artist! I was super excited to be able to work on this 1st project with my family.  So once this was over , it  made me think why I even waited so long to do it! I had all the tools and resources right in front of my face...but noooooo...your girl was too busy looking for the perfect situation, and I just wasn't ready to use em'  have a look and take away what you must from it. Let it inspire you to put some action behind your plan.  STOP OVERTHINKING and just do the damn thang!

step 2 coming soon!