Do You Even Blog Tho?

Top (made & designed by me) Skirt (its vintage *with an eye roll*) Necklace (vintage again) sunglasses (popkiller)

Listening to a panel discussion the other day regarding the success of some pretty badass fashionable women, some style bloggers, boutique owners, and other known "influencers"and something one of them said really made me tuck my tail behind my little booty. And that was "there are bloggers that have a blog and don't write or post daily..." something along those lines. Whatever it was, that was enough for me to raise my hand with shame and say, "Oooh thats me!" But I might have a good excuse for that...

Actually there is no Excuse for that, thats just me being inconsistent, uninspired, and way too picky with the subject matter. Im not even going to use the excuse of feeling constantly tired, overworked, overwhelmed, and a personal favorite; lack of time. Its all the petty insignificant things Im sure we all have to deal with as grown up kids.  When I first started the blog it was something that I wanted to use as another outlet of expression. My very own public diary, a "designers diary". The problem is that this lil Mexican girl never wrote in a diary before. At least not consistently. I had a little pink  diary with a lock as kid that my brother would break into with a paperclip, and I wrote about 4 sentences  in that 25 page little book. Doodled some pretty random things in there, and never did anything with it again. I don't know where I got the idea of diaries being a thing for "white people" or really "girly girls". But those beliefs were enough for me to not even bother with a diary again.  Im pretty sure it was something I was teased about. Maybe being a little tomboy with my brother and his friends had allot to do with my ability to reflect and express my "sensitive" side on a piece of paper. I wanted to be just as tough as them and I never heard them talk about feelings.   I also didn't want my brother snooping around my deepest most vulnerable thoughts at every attempt of a diary break-in, because I saw that shit happen way too much in movies as a kid! Diary secrets exposed! Back then, that was like getting your phone hacked and that was enough to discourage this  hypersensitive, super shy kid.  

So with fear of a break-in set aside,  Im definitely more open about sharing my thoughts and feelings  these days, some days more than others thanks to these hormones! But I want to be a little more consistent with this blog thing. I might not do it everyday, but I can only try. I know I  probably won't cause a revolution with my subject matter or imperfect writing skills, but Im doing this for me...and also maybe for that one person who relates and finds something I say interesting. I'll have to keep reminding myself that "we aren't here to connect with everyone, but we are here to connect with someONE!" and if that someone is you then I hope something I said can spark that creative fire. I hope you accomplish what you set your mind to and I hope you  finish what you start.

So heres me. Just another blogger. Tying to "blog", connect, be consistent, and finish what I start...even if that means restarting.

you can watch that video I mentioned in the beginning of this rant here: