The Hustle & The Shrimp

Growing up my brother and I were constantly told upon waking, " El camarron ke se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente" translated in English means, "The Shrimp who sleeps, is taken by the current" Fast forward 25+ years later and I continue to have this message playback in my mind on the daily... upon waking, as I shower, sitting on the toilet, while I watch TV...its engraved in my subconscious and it just doesn't let me chill.

Thinking about it now, I'd say that this is what people consider to be a "mantra"(mantras are "so hot right now"). But This wasn't necessarily a mantra I came up with for myself, it was something my father made sure to instill in us growing up. To keep things short and sweet, both of us adopted this "mantra" in a very different way. I might have taken this way too literal, and my brother, well lets just say he could write a book on his adaptation of this message.  Nonetheless, I thank my father for instilling in us that "hustle or die mentality" because without it we'd be chilling at beach somewhere in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo...wait...that doesn't sound half bad does it? So here's what I missed...

So many times we are so worried about swimming,and swimming, and swimming...just for the sake of moving- that weve become the  modern day Dorry's. But moving towards what?  If you don't have a destination (aka goal) then its safe to say you might end up somewhere you didn't expect. Some of us are lucky and some of us will end up being fished out, on a platter seasoned with ketchup, hot sauce, and garnished with cilantro and avocados. (I'm sooo gonna get some ceviche after this) You could be the strongest fastest swimming  shrimp there is and still not get anywhere. Why? well because this whole time you were swimming against the current  (which is so exhausting and way more difficult than it should be)  rather than swimming with the current! *Mindblown* My dear friend Ashley, has been putting things into perspective for me...she asked an important question that I didn't think of asking myself,  "Why am I making it harder than it should be? And why do we need to make ourselves suffer?"  These are  all very obvious questions you say, well I wasn't exactly asking myself these things, and up until now I was too busy swimming to ask questions. Ive turned into a headless chicken, no longer a shrimp...what a crazy evolution. So very  unfortunate that I couldn't think of a more glamorous creature. So why do we need to suffer, why do we love the struggle? Because for me, it feels like to such a grand reward to earn something after struggling so hard for it. Because if I don't go through the pain and the hardship then it means that I cheated myself, and others might think of me as an imposter, a fraud another undeserving millenial. Wrong! So wrong!  We earn our stripes with experience, and our experiences can be joyous, adventurous, exciting, and inspiring. Sure pain is a great motivator but then again, so is happiness!

So hey, to all you other "shrimps" out there, stop fighting the current, i.e. your intuition, dreams, goals, ambitions, passions, happiness...etc. and remember its ok to rest  (I'm working on that part) I don't claim to know everything, and just like you I'm learning.  What I've learned so far is that it's in the peaceful and calm currents that we gain the most clarity. Clarity that can spark that drive and creativity and help us gain the momentum to get to our desired destinations faster, effortlessly and might I say stylishly.

With that being said, a little OOTD inspired by our "fishy" friends. Something I wore to a brunch cruise networking event for FIDM's alumni.

Any shrimps out there? I don't have too many readers, So I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. And most importantly Thanks for reading,  whoever you may be.

Big Love,